Due to Covid-19 restrictions there may be limited seats available for Sunday worship; please sign up to let us know you will be coming. We also live stream our Sunday services. 

How to Join our Online Bible Study & Prayer Meetings

How to Join our Online Bible Study & Prayer Meetings

Zoom Video Conferencing

We will be holding our midweek Bible Study & Prayer Meeting using Zoom.

Zoom can run on desktop PCs, tablet and mobile and allows all participants to see and hear each other, thereby allowing them to participate and interact with others in the meeting.

If using a tablet or mobile device the user may be prompted to download the Zoom app, whereas desktop PC users can connect via an internet browser. We would advise you to download the app prior to the meeting in order to avoid delays in joining. Please use the links below.

You will not need to set up and account.

You will need to click a link; it’s as easy as that!

The link for each week’s meeting will be on the

If you get stuck, please email: [email protected]